What do our customers have to say about Integrity Global?


Testimonials and Reviews of Integrity Global's Data Center Hardware, Equipment, & Service


Word Travels Fast in this Hyper-Connected World

It travels even faster when it’s a negative review. In this technical industry, we won’t put servers and storage devices before people. We pride ourselves on the service behind our solutions and our less half a percent annual return rate. We are motivated not just to make the sale today, but to build rock solid relationships with all of our clients and vendors over time. Your trust and your business mean the world to us. Without it, we wouldn’t still be here!

Here is just a small sample of reviews and testimonials from our customers:

“I enjoyed working with Integrity Global Solutions and value the flexibility they offer. They definitely helped us as we grew and are still the first place I turn to.”
—Warren, VP of Technical Operations

“We’ve been extremely happy with the equipment provided by Integrity Global Solutions. I always know I’ll get top quality at the best price.”
—Dan, IT Director

“Thank you for putting my order together so quickly. It arrived just as promised. You guys saved me again!”
—Tim, Network Engineer

“Thanks for going the extra mile to get me everything I needed ahead of schedule. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”
—Jim, System Administrator

“Everybody was impressed at the efficiency in which you delivered such a high volume of inventory. Thank you for your help. Your attention to quality in testing, packaging and delivery made it easy to trust your team as an extension of our own.”
—Purchasing Manager, IT firm