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Are you looking to request a quote on a piece of Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, or IBM equipment?  Can't find a specific product in our catalog? You've come to the right place!


Why is the Price Missing from Some Items?

We are constantly adding new items, product descriptions, and pricing to our huge inventory.  In case pricing is not available for the item you're looking for in our webstore, don't worry - it's just not up yet! Please contact us and we'll get a quote to you right away.  We can also provide alternatives, add-ons, or accessories you might need along with a wide variety of shipping options in order to meet or beat your budget and time frame.


Up to the Minute Price Quotes and Availability

To request a quote, pass us along a description or the specs of what you're looking for by calling us at 763-450-4666 or fill out the form and we'll get back to you ASAP!*

*We will do our absolute best to respond to you in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm.  If you are contacting us outside of these hours, there might be a slight delay in getting a response to you. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!


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