NetApp DS14-MK2 DS14 14-Slot Hard Drive Enclosure


Product Line:
Storage Array
Maximum Number of Drives Supported:
Drive Form Factor:
3.5 in
Drive Interface:
Fibre Channel
RAID Support:
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Used DS14-MK2 DS14 14-Slot Hard Drive Enclosure

Includes 2x- 440W RS-PSU-450-AC1N Power Supplies. Does not include hard drives. 

The NetApp  Disk shelves and storage media specifically designed for NetApp FAS systems help deliver the performance, resiliency, and flexibility your digital transformation needs. The StorageShelf DS14mk2 FC Disk Shelf achieves both storage and performance in a 3U form factor that utilizes SATA drives allowing you to expand your NetApp FAS storage with additional disk capacity for your storage array.

Compatible With:
FAS6280, FAS6280A, FAS6280C, FAS6240, FAS6240A, FAS6240C, FAS6210, FAS6210A, FAS6210C, FAS3270A, FAS3270, FAS3270C, FAS3240A, FAS3240, FAS3240C, FAS3210A, FAS3210, FAS3210C, FAS6080A, FAS6080, FAS6080C, FAS6070A, FAS6070, FAS6070C, FAS6040A, FAS6040, FAS6040C, FAS6030A, FAS6030, FAS6030C, FAS3170A, FAS3170, FAS3170C, FAS3160A, FAS3160, FAS3160C, FAS3140A, FAS3140, FAS3140C, FAS3070A, FAS3070, FAS3070C, FAS3050A, FAS3050C, FAS3050, FAS3040, FAS3040A, FAS3040C, FAS3020A, AS3020C, FAS3020, FAS2240A, FAS2240, FAS2240C, FAS2040A, FAS2040, FAS2040C, FAS2050A, FAS2050C, FAS2050, FAS2020A, FAS2020C, FAS2020, FAS980C, FAS980A, FAS980, FAS960A, FAS960C, FAS960, FAS940A, FAS940A, FAS940, FAS920, FAS920A, FAS920C, FAS270A, FAS270C, FAS270, FAS250A, FAS250C, FAS250. V6280, V6280A, V6280C, V6240, V6240A, V6240C, V6210, V6210A, V6210C, V3270A, V3270, V3270C, V3240A, V3240, V3240C, V3210A, V3210, V3210C, V6080A, V6080, V6080C, V6070A, V6070, V6070C, V6040A, V6040,V6040C, V6030A, V6030, V3170A, V3170, V3170C, V3160A, V3160, V3160C, V3140A, V3140, V3140C, V3070A, V3070, V3070C, V3040, V3040A, V3040C, V3050, V3050A, V3050, V3020, V3020A, V3020C, V980C, V980A, V980, V960A, V960C, V960, V940A, V940, V940C

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