HPE HP 686662-001 PCI Riser Cage


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Used HPE HP PCI Riser Cage

PCI riser cage - T-shaped metal structure for the half-height (low-profile) single slot x8 PCIe and full-height single slot x16 PCIe riser boards - Mounts in the right rear of the server.

Using genuine refurbished computer parts, that Integrity Global Solutions tests and inspects, will ensure a level of manufacturing, quality and memory compatibility with your computer.  

Whether it's for maintenance sparing or customer self-repair, you can rely on the quality tested and inspected server replacement parts from Integrity Global Solutions. Our trained technicians take great care to remove Riser Cage and each item is then placed in Static/ESD packaging. Our shipping team then packages each item to ensure it arrives at its destination the same way it was shipped. 

Server components are manufactured to the highest quality standards and subjected to the most rigorous testing procedures that only genuine components will realize. HPE manufactured Riser Cages are no exception.