Dell PowerVault MD3000i 60TB Storage Bundle


Product Line:
Storage Array
Maximum Number of Drives Supported:
Drive Form Factor:
3.5 in
Drive Interface:
RAID Support:
RAID 0,1,5,10
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Dell PowerVault  MD3000i  with 60TB Storage Bundle

Consolidation without Complexity Now small and medium-sized businesses and organizations can harness the storage consolidation and data management capabilities of a SAN, cost-effectively. The PowerVault MD3000i is an iSCSI SAN that simplifies data management and delivers enterprise data protection capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage consolidation solutions. Dell's PowerVault MD3000i networked storage array leverages the modularity and availability of the PowerVault series of disk arrays to deliver an IP network storage solution that can consolidate up to 16 fully redundant hosts. 

The PowerVault MD3000i array provides performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional fibre channel consolidation solutions. With four host-side 1GB/s Ethernet interfaces and the bandwidth of SAS disk drives, the PowerVault MD3000i array enables high-performance, capacity-efficient consolidation without the need of an expensive, complicated Fibre Channel storage network. 

Both flexible and versatile, the PowerVault MD3000i system's modular expandability provides you with pay-as-you-grow flexibility. The storage array can house up to fifteen 3.5-inch SAS disk drives, and you can add capacity using up to two PowerVault MD1000 expansion enclosures, for a total of 45 disk drives. The PowerVault MD3000i array is available in two models: The standard model provides a lower-cost entry point. This model consists of a single controller with two 1GB/s Ethernet ports, for connecting up to two hosts directly, or up to 16 hosts when configured with an Ethernet switch. The high availability model supports up to four 1GB/s Ethernet ports and features dual active/active controllers that mirror each other's cache. In the event of a controller failure, the LUNs owned by the failed controller is transferred to the surviving controller and operations continue.

 The PowerVault MD3000i delivers a seamless suite of intuitive, intelligent storage management software capabilities. The modular Disk Storage Manager automatically configures the system for optimal performance and availability. The Recovery Guru tool diagnoses system problems and helps to determine an appropriate recovery procedure. Optional snapshot and virtual disk copy features are designed to enhance data protection. 

The PowerVault MD family uses the same 3.5-inch disk drive as PowerEdge servers, so you only need to stock and order a single type of spare drive. Dell PowerVault storage arrays are designed and engineered to pair perfectly with Dell PowerEdge servers—LEDs, displays, and other operational functions are common to both PowerEdge and PowerVault products. This commonality in a complete solution enhances usability and can make support and service more effective and affordable.


Dell PowerVault MD3000i

Drives and Capacity Hard Disk Drives

Up to fifteen (15) 3.5-inch SAS hot-pluggable hard disk drives Drive performance and capacities 15K SAS drives available in 36GB, 73GB, 146GB, or 300GB capacities 10K SAS drives available in 73GB, 146GB, 300GB, and 400GB capacities Minimum capacity (per enclosure) 72GB using two 36GB 15K SAS drives Maximum capacity (per enclosure) 6,000GB using fifteen 400GB SAS drives Additional storage capacity can be achieved by adding up to two MD1000 expansion units for up to 45 SAS drives. Note: SATA drives available in Q4 2007


Standard model supports up to 2 hosts directly connected or up to 16 hosts when configured with an Ethernet switch

High Availability model supports 4 hosts directly connected, or up to 16 fully redundant hosts when configured with Ethernet switches

Storage Controllers and RAID Levels

Standard: Single controller with 512 MB of battery-backed cache

High Availability: Dual active/active controllers with a total of 1GB mirrored, battery-backed cache Batteries for cache provide up to 72 hours of data protection Support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 Up to 30 physical disks per group Up to 256 virtual disks

Array Management and Optional Software

Modular Disk Storage Manager, Java-based task-oriented user interface Multi-path software provides failover management of redundant data paths between the host server and storage array

Virtual disk snapshots (optional): up to four snapshots per virtual disk and 128 snapshots per system Virtual disk copy (optional): up to eight simultaneous virtual disk copies and a total of 255 per system

Back-Panel Connectors

Each MD3000i controller has the following external connections:

Two RJ-45 1GB Ethernet ports for host connectivity

One x4 (12 Gbps) SAS port for capacity expansion

One RJ-45 10/100Mb Ethernet connection for remote management

One PS/2 serial interface for service

LED Indicators

Front Panel -1 two-color LED indicator for system status, 1 single-color LED indicator for power, 1 LED unused in this system

Hard-drive carrier 1 single-color activity LED, 1 two-color LED status indicator per drive

Storage Controller 1 two-color LED status indicator per SAS IN/OUT port (total 3 on dual-port option, 2 on single-port option), 1 one-color battery fault LED for battery-backed cache, 1 one-color cache activity LED, 2 one-color controller fault and controller power LEDs, 2 one-color LEDs for Ethernet link and speed Power Supply/Cooling Fan Module 3 LED status indicators for power supply status, power supply/fan fault and AC status

Power Supplies (Per Supply)

Wattage – 478W (maximum continuous); 550W (peak)

Maximum heat dissipation – 1430 BTU/hour (maximum)

Input voltage range 100-240V rated (actual 90-264V)

Frequency range – 47-63 Hz

Maximum input current at rated power 7.93A at 90V; 3.96A at 180V

Available Hard-Drive Power (Per Slot)

Supported continuous consumption – Up to 1.3A at +12V; Up to 1.5A at +5V


Height – 13.11 cm (5.16 inches)

Width – 44.63 cm (17.57 inches)

Depth – 48.01 c, (18.90 inches)

Weight – 35.37 km (78 lbs.) (Maximum configuration)


Temperature - Operating: 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F), Storage: -40° to 65°C (-40° to 149°F) Relative Humidity - Operating: 20% to 80% (non-condensing), Storage: 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Altitude - Operating: -15 to 3048 m (-50 to 10,000 ft), Storage: -15 to 10,668 m (-50 to 35,000 ft)

  • Manufacturer: Dell
  • Type: Storage Bundle
  • Model: PowerVault MD3000i
  • Controllers: Dual
  • Power Supply: (2) 550W Power Supply in each unit
  • Expansion Unit: (1) MD1000 Holds an additional 15 drives 
  • Storage: (30)x 2TB SATA Hard Drives Installed (15 in each unit)
  • Rails:(2) Versa Rail Kits
  • Cables/Cords: (2)x SAS Cables

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