Dell 9W5WV 1TB 7.2K 2.5" SAS Hard Drive


Product Line:
Internal Hard Drive
Form Factor:
2.5 in
Storage Capacity:
1 TB
Rotation Speed:
7200 RPM
Transfer Rate:
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Used Dell 1TB 7.2K 2.5" SAS Hard Drive

With this Dell 9W5WV 1TB 7.2K 2.5" SAS Hard Drive, you can increase the capacity of your organization’s Dell system by 1 TB. It features a 7,200 write speed and a compact 2.5” form factor. This Dell 9W5WV 1TB 7.2K 2.5" SAS Hard Drive is designed to work with a variety of Dell PowerEdge and PowerVault systems.

If you choose the Dell 9W5WV you can enjoy great performance and safe handling of data for a great price. This Dell HDD is a good and reliable addition to any storage network. The Dell 9W5WV 's brisk performance ensures that your data is available instantly. This specific hard drive has a rotational speed of 72000 rpm, meaning that it is able to handle the higher needs of an enterprise. Moreover, the HP 9W5WV has 1TB storage capacity, providing loads of space to store information and various types of files, for example pictures, videos or databases. The 9W5WV has great data integrity, protecting you from critical loss or corruption of data. With the installment of one or more 9W5WV hard drive you can be sure that your storage network system is ready to support your business operations, and will fulfill all requests in a timely manner.

Compatible with:

Dell PowerEdge T310, T320

Dell PowerEdge T410, T420

Dell PowerEdge T610, T620

Dell PowerEdge T710

Dell PowerEdge R310, R320

Dell PowerEdge R420

Dell PowerEdge R510, R515

Dell PowerEdge R610, R620

Dell PowerEdge R710, R715, R720

Dell PowerEdge R810, R815, R820

Dell PowerEdge R910

Dell PowerEdge M600, M605, M610, M620

Dell PowerEdge M710, M905, M910

Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Dell PowerEdge C1100, C2100, C4130, C6100, C6105, C6145

Dell PowerEdge C6220, C6220 II, C8220, C8220x

Dell PowerEdge FC620, FC630, FD332

Dell PowerVault DL4000

Dell PowerVault MD1220, MD 3200, MD3200i

Dell PowerVault MD3200

Dell PowerVault MD3200i

Substitute PN:  0V8MTC, 1TH8D, 342-2006, 400-AEYY, XKGH0..

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  • Manufacturer: Used Dell
  • Category: Hard Drive
  • Form Factor: 2.5"
  • Size: 1TB
  • RPM: 7.2K
  • Data Transfer Rate: 6Gb/s
  • Type: SAS
  • Compatibility: PowerEdge T310, T320, T410, T420, T610, T620, T710, R310, R320, R420, R510, R515, R610, R620, R710, R715, R720, R810, R815, R820, R910, M600, M605, M610, M620, M710, M905, M910