Dell 81WCD Sliding ReadyRails II A7 SFF 1U for PowerEdge 12th Gen


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Used Dell 81WCD Sliding ReadyRails II A7 SFF 1U for PowerEdge 12th Gen

The 81WCD Sliding ReadyRails II supports tool-less installation in 4-post square-hole and unthreaded round-hole racks as well as native support for tooled installation in threaded-hole racks. Note that installing this mounting interface in a square-hole rack allows the bracket to be placed flush against the mounting post, while installation in a round-hole rack results in a slight offset of approx. 6 mm from the mounting post, which also results in an approx. 6 mm bezel offset.

The rails and cable management solutions for Dell 11th and 12th generation server platforms have been designed to enable the user-friendly slam latches (spring-loaded latches that engage automatically) on the chassis, to expand third-party rack compatibility and to improve the overall customer experience. The efficient design makes the release latch visible and accessible from the front of the rack, with no special tools or empty U- spaces above or below required to disengage, making the rails equally easy to remove. With the 12th generation servers, the rack/rail interface for the sliding rails has been updated to the ReadyRails II design, which provides native support (with simple conversion) for threaded-hole racks. ReadyRails and ReadyRails II rail kits are extremely fast and easy to deploy and are as easy to remove from the rack as they are to install. The rail kits are available in either sliding or static style, based on the system specifications and the customer's needs.

Sliding rails such as the Dell 81WCD allow the system to be fully extended out of the rack for service and have an optional cable management arm (CMA) that provides a guide for component cable routing to the rear of the rack. The optional cable management arm (CMA) for the sliding rails organizes and secures the cords and cables exiting the back of the server and unfolds to allow the server to extend out of the rack for service without having to detach the cables.

Substitute PN:
53D7M, CWJ0X, 6RTCR, 9D83F, K1X36, RK1KT, W6M3K, X632K

Compatible With:
Dell PowerEdge R320
Dell PowerEdge R330
Dell PowerEdge R420
Dell PowerEdge R430
Dell PowerEdge R620
Dell PowerEdge R630
Dell PowerEdge R640
Dell PowerVault NX3300/NX400

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