Dell 4X1DR 900GB 6Gbps 10K 6Gbps 2.5" SAS Internal Hard Drive


Product Line:
Internal Hard Drive
Form Factor:
2.5 in
Storage Capacity:
900 GB
Rotation Speed:
10000 RPM
Transfer Rate:
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Used Dell 4X1DR 900GB 10K 6Gbps Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 2.5" (SFF) PE-Series Enterprise Class Hot-Plug Internal Hard Drive

Looking to add more storage to your existing system? This 2.5 SFF SAS 10K hard drive from Dell offers the advanced SAS 2.0 interface and operates at 6-Gb/s transfer rates.

SAS 2.0 offers next generation signal and data integrity features. For this reason, SAS is perfect for use in high-end network storage applications. Thanks to this refurbished Dell 4X1DR hard drive’s SAS 2.0 feature set and 6-Gb/s transfer rate, it’s possible to utilize larger topologies by connecting additional expanders, RAID controllers, and host bus adapters within or across multiple storage arrays. Additionally, this drive allows for communication across longer distances without significant loss of signal integrity.

With its SAS technology, this drive is capable of transmitting data at twice the normal rate. This translated to double the data throughput. Overall, this 2.5” hard drive offers major advantages for organizations of all sizes. If you’re looking to optimize the performance and efficiency of your data center, this used Dell hard drive is ideal.



This refurbished Dell 4X1DR hard drive is compatible with the following Dell PowerEdge systems:

Dell PowerEdge R310, R320, R415, R420, R510, R515
Dell PowerEdge R610, R620, R710, R715, R720, R810, R815, R820, R910
Dell PowerEdge T310, T320, T410, T420, T610, T620, T710
Dell PowerEdge M600, M605, M610, M620, M710, M905, M910

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Substitute PN:02RR9T, 8JRN4, 2RR9T, 342-2971, 342-2977, 342-3524, 3P3DF, TNX32, XRRVX, 463-1630, 9TH066-150, 8JRN4, RC34W, XRRVX

Manufacturer: Western Digital
Manufacturer PN: WD9001BKHG-18D22V1


  • Manufacturer: Used Dell
  • Category: Hard Drive
  • Form Factor: 2.5"
  • Size: 900GB
  • RPM: 10K
  • Data Transfer Rate: 6Gb/s
  • Type: SAS
  • Compatibility: PowerEdge R310, R320, R415, R420, R510, R515, R610, R620, R710, R715, R720, R810, R815, R820, R910, T310, T320, T410, T420, T610, T620, T710, M600, M605, M610, M620, M710, M905, M910