Dell 0F8NV 1U Screw Down CPU Heatsink for PowerEdge R640 R740 R740XD


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Used Dell 0F8NV 1U Screw Down CPU Heatsink for PowerEdge R640 R740 R740XD

The Dell 0F8NV 1U Screw Down CPU Heatsink will dissipate the heat of your server and maintain the safe temperature limits inside the system.

The various components of a computer system such as the chipset, the graphics card, and the hard drive can produce a large amount of heat while operating. This large amount of heat may be harmful for the proper functioning of the system. The heat sinks and the fans are responsible for dissipating this heat and maintaining safe temperature limits.

When trying to choose a heatsink for your system, it's important to ensure that you pick a heatsink that's appropriate for the speed and type of processor you're using. Individual processors have specific operating temperatures, and these varying operating temperatures will require different heat sinks. It's also important to take into account the type of chassis that's being used, as the chassis delimits the heat sink housing and assembly.

Compatible With:
Dell PowerEdge R640
Dell PowerEdge R740
Dell PowerEdge R740XD

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