AMD OS6344WKTCGHK OPTERON 6344 2.6GHZ/16M 12C Processor


Processor Type:
AMD Opteron
Clock Speed:
2.6 GHz
Socket Type:
Socket G34
Number of Cores:
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Used AMD OS6344WKTCGHK OPTERON 6344 2.6GHZ/16M 12C Processor

This AMD OS6344WKTCGHK is a part of the AMD Opteron 6300 series, with a model number of 6344. It boasts a 2600MHz frequency and a bus speed of 3200 MHz HyperTransport link ( 6.4GT/s per link. You will need a Socket G34 for this item. The AMD OS6344WKTCGHK has a microarchitecture of K10, a Maranello platform. The processor core is Abu Dhabi, which has a core stepping of OR-C0, and its manufacturing process is 0.032-micron silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. There are many extensions and technologies including, extensions to MMX, Extensions to MMX, AES / Advanced Encryption Standard instructions, as well as Turbo Core 2.0 technology. AMD today develops high-performance computing and visualization products to solve some of the world’s toughest and most interesting challenges.

Substitute PN: 705221-001, OS6344WKTCGHKWOF

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Manufacturer: AMD

Part Number: OS6176WKTCEGO

Number of cores: 12

Clock speed: 2.6 GHz

Bus speed: 3200 MHz HyperTransport links (6.4 GT/s per link)

Cache memory: 16 MB

Socket: Socket G34

Substitute PN: 705221-001, OS6344WKTCGHKWOF